Message from the club

          Dear fans the club would like to inform you about the twice yearly draw for £5,000.00. As most people are aware the club's income from the sweep has been drastically reduced over the past 17 weeks but the office staff has battled through and managed to get together funds to make sure that the weekly and monthly draws have taken place, this is great credit to them and in many ways a hidden achievement. However, when it comes to the £5,000.00 draw the club is not in a position to fund this immediately. The draw should have been done by the end of June so is just over two weeks late. We have informed "Tower" the operators of the sweep and they have told us that due to exceptional circumstances - i.e. The Covid Crisis we are allowed to postpone the draw. We have taken this step for obvious reasons. The club is however getting funds together and the draw WILL be made as soon as possible. I would like to thank all you who have been both supportive and patient on this matter but I would also ask people not to post scurrilous information on public forum that they know to be patently untrue. If anyone would like further information please do not hesitate to pick up the phone to discuss the matter further. My phone number is 01946 841972. Please bear with us in this matter and the draw will take place as soon as we possibly can.

T.Todd (Chairman)