Message from the club

Dear fans and supporters of the club, I would like to let you all know some of the steps that the club is having to take in the current situation v/v Corona Virus.


1. From approx' 12.00 hours tomorrow the ground itself will be in lockdown.


2. The main gate will locked at all times and access by vehicle will be curtailed.


3. Opening hours for the office will be Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10.00 to 14.00 hours.


4. If your journey to the club is avoidable please try and stay away.


5. When the office is open and you need to come down phone the office from the main gate and someone will speak to you.


6. Training and casual recreational use of the ground will cease.


7. C.B.C. have cancelled the market stall until further notice.


8. If you require replicas or merchandise please come at the allotted hours above. Or, you can order on line and we will post out your goods.


9. If there is anything you need to drop off at the ground again ring the number/s below and we will endeavour to come and pick it up.


10. The J.J. Bar will close tomorrow until further notice.


11. All board meetings are also cancelled until further notice.


12. Day to day management of the club will entrusted to specific number of directors, the Team manager and the Commercial Manager. This group "The Temporary management Committee" will take all decisions that need to be made, in the immediate future.


13. The Lottery will continue as normal and some new protocols will be put in place.


14. Finance, the club will use all its best endeavours to carry on in the best interests of the club however we realise that this will be a trying time for all of us.


15. We will try and put this message out everyday and if we get any new news we will put it on the bottom of this list as an appendix.


16. T.Todd phone numbers 01946841972 Home 07507110279 Mobile Office 01946 328088.


17. Please forward any suggestions by ringing any of the above numbers.


Best wishes to you all in this trying time, let's all look after the more vulnerable. T.Todd (Chairman) W.R.L.F.C.