Club Merchandise

To all concerned. Can I just put people in the picture about replica apparel. Whitehaven Rugby League Club entered a contract with manufacturers B.L.K. for three years. B.L.K. have the exclusive right to manufacture all apparel manufactured with THE CLUB'S LOGO in return for gift of kit (this cake belongs to THE CLUB we don't want a slice we own the cake) club colours and our, to use the modern term "intellectual property rights". It is not as Mr. Richardson says "....fair play to anyone..." it's the club logo - no one else's. However I did phone the company after it was brought to my attention that for the fourth time people were taking the liberty of getting stuff done without even the common courtesy of speaking to the club to ask if they could use club logos. I did not and have not put a stop to this! I have merely asked the company concerned who has given permission for the club logo to be used? I think that that is a fair question to ask. I await a reply as to who gave permission. I even offered to pay the profit that would have been made from the sale of these replicas out of my own pocket. If anyone wants to use the club's logo they should contact B.L.K. and ask permission. It would be ridiculous if everyone was able to just manufacture goods and use the club's logo. Nothing but chaos would ensue. So anyone out there wanting to do some manufacturing please ring B.L.K. for permission because as a club we can't give you that permission. T.Todd (Chairman)